Defending Medicaid, ACA, and Medicare

Older adults who rely on Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act can’t afford to lose critical health care, long-term services and supports that help them meet their daily needs, and consumer protections. Justice in Aging is working to push back against legislative and regulatory changes that would hurt seniors, and to keep the aging and disability network informed of the latest proposals and how any changes would impact the millions of older adults already living in or near poverty. Learn more.


Low-income seniors, like all Medicare beneficiaries, need the Medicare program to work effectively to deliver health and prescription drug benefits with strong consumer protections in place. We bring a low income voice to Medicare advocacy and seek to ensure that the program works well for those most in need, including minority beneficiaries, people with limited proficiency in English, and LGBT seniors. Learn more.

Oral Health

Oral health is a critical aspect of overall health for people of all ages, but especially for older adults. Unfortunately, the oral health needs of older adults, and particularly low-income older adults have been neglected. As a result, older adults encounter significant challenges when attempting to access oral healthcare and consequently, their overall health suffers. Learn more.