At Justice in Aging, we use the power of law and our expertise in government safety net programs like Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and SSI to fight senior poverty. We engage in three main arenas to protect the rights of poor seniors and strengthen the programs they rely on: Administrative Advocacy, providing expertise and resources to direct service advocates, and litigation.

Administrative Advocacy

We work directly with state and federal agencies to ensure that essential government programs are fairly administered and accessible to qualified seniors.

Trainings, Publications, and Webinars

We train thousands of advocates and legal aid lawyers around the country on how to advocate successfully for their clients.


When we cannot bring about justice through other efforts, we file class action lawsuits on behalf of named plaintiffs to force needed changes in government policies or ways of administering benefits.


We focus our advocacy, trainings, and litigation on the two areas where we can have the most impact on the lives of low-income seniors—Health Care and Economic Security.