Our four clients (three women and one man) are all poor older adults with serious and chronic health conditions ranging in age from 68-87 years old. All have been residing in a nursing facility in Kentucky with their care paid for by Medicaid. After the nursing facility constructed a new building that prioritized expensive private occupancy, and closed the old building, management moved all four into private rooms in the new building, despite the fact that none requested and none could afford a private room. Each resident was then told that they would have to pay an extra $900 monthly or face eviction. The case was settled in October 2018 with the facility agreeing to let the residents stay with no extra charges. Legal Aid of the Bluegrass with pro bono counsel Koebel and Vice filed the case, and worked with Justice in Aging to seek an immediate court order to prevent evictions. The legal case relied on Medicaid regulations that prohibit a nursing facility from imposing “extra” charges for basic services, and allow extra charges only when a resident has affirmatively chosen an item or service beyond typical nursing facility care. Read the complaint.