Steps to join the Learning Collaborative

Step 1: First, you must join the Oral Health Progress Equity Network (OPEN) by requesting a login here. OPEN is a national network of individuals and organizations to advance oral health for all individuals.

Step 2: After you have joined OPEN and logged in to the network,

    • Click on “Communities” on the top toolbar
    • Click on “All Target, State, and Work Group Communities”
    • Click on “Network Response Teams”
    • Once you are on that page, scroll down to find the AMDLC, and click on “Request to Join Community”

Once you are subscribed to the AMDLC community, you will receive a call invitation.

Please reach out to Stacey Chazin at with any questions.

Katrina Cohens

About Katrina Cohens

Katrina Cohens is based in Justice in Aging’s Washington, DC office and serves as the Database Manager.